My experience at the Maze Runner Screening

The last weekend, on Saturday (August 30), was held in Argentina a Maze Runner screening, avant premiere or whatever you want to call it. Through social media contests that required much time and effort we got the tickets.

I was there with my friends at 9 AM. some people went there at 8 AM or earlier. I hated every teenager screaming hysterically, bothering with their screams and applause but they calmed down in time.

Finally the movie started. We had a surpise! Dylan in the big screen telling us to enjoy the movie and tweet about it later.

From the beginning I was on the edge of the chair, even knowing that would happen. Small changes to the book doesnt affect anything, I dare say that some are very interesting. I suffered on more than one occasion. Incredibly, I really liked the performance of Will Poulter and his playing Gally (I didnt expected that, I dont like a lot the character).

I was never a fan of Teresa (I admit) and found that she had very little time on screen in the film and they removed the prominence it had in the book. What makes me wonder how much she will appears in Scorch Trials if in the book she has almost nonexistent participation. Kaya was right, but I saw her almost as a very minor character.

I loved Dylan’s Thomas, and those brief moments where I felt that he showed Stiles, as in the scene in the woods looking compost, or how he acted the moments of tension and confusion that Thomas lived. Frypan gave a touch of humor, while Chuck provided all the tenderness and emotion he could, getting stronger the outcome of his character. Oh, and Thomas Sangster accent. He’s the best Newt evah!

The music makes you live the moment with more intensity, and the special effects are impressive, highlighting THe Grievers. Not like I imagined but they were perfect for the atmosphere of the film. The way they showed the memories that Thomas had, and what they got to see when they went through The Changing was perfect, and the slight change in that particular Teresa’s words … There are so many other things I want to mention but I dont wanna make spoilers for those who want surprised.

Personally, I think it was a very good adaptation of the book and I can not wait to come out the second half after they showed in the end. Rise and shine, greenie, we’ll meet again when it come to the theatres in Argentina on September 18.

Theo Hutchcraft, August 30,1986

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Dylan O’Brien attends The MAZE Runner Miami

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See the way he just moves and pushes her head away here


And when she basically squishes her face to his and he backs away like “WTF, really?”


I think this is actually Dylan reacting over here. Not Stiles. (or could be both)

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just an amateur with a gun

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r u already cried here 4 the shitty deleted blog? took u not long

Hello you too. Please, leave me alone here or I will close my ask box to anons.

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It terrifies me what I would do for you.